A printer is an external hardware device which accepts graphic output from a PC and prints the information on paper. It is one of the most popular computer peripherals which is used to print photos and text. Today inkjet and laser printers are the most common printers.

Sharp is a leading manufacturer of electronic products and equipment including audiovisual home appliances, fax machines, printers etc.

Are you unable to set up your Sharp printer?

Follow these simple steps to set up your printer:

  • Click on ‘Start’ tab.
  • Then open the control panel icon.
  • Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’ option.
  • Click on ‘Turn on Printer Sharing’ option and again click on ‘Apply’ button.
  • Right click on Sharp printer’s icon.
  • Click on ‘Share’ option and finally click on ‘Apply’.

Have a glance at some of the common printer issues!

It is hard to say that your printer will not create any problem for you. It is better to be prepared for any consequences that you may face with your printer. If your printer is not functioning properly, it is because of its damaged or incompatible driver. Often, your printer driver may become corrupted and it needs to be updated to the latest version. You can resolve the problem by updating and reinstalling of your driver once again.

Often the color printing does not print properly. To fix the issue you need to check the color mode setting. In rare cases, both sides printing does not happen due to a wrong tray setting. Direct printing of a file cannot be possible if you have an incompatible driver. So you need to check your administrator to have a proper setting.

While you try to print something, suddenly your printer stops to function. It is probably due to a wrong toner cartridge. Apart from this, you might face some other printer problems. Often your computer won’t work properly by sending prints to the wrong printer. You may have received error messages that inform you about the particular issue that your device is encountering. Don’t take too much time to troubleshoot your issue.

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