Sharp printers are equipped with exclusive features such as eco-saving mode, refill toner, excellent storage capacity and unmatched printing quality. Sharp multifunctional printer user interface lets you edit your business documents, drag and rearrange files just with the touch of a finger. The color LCS touch control panel is customized to meet your printing, copying, faxing and scanning needs.

Despite of being the best selling product, Sharp printers are not free from technical glitches. Below are some of the errors that Sharp printer users deal with:

Common errors faced by Sharp users:

  • Paper jamming issues
  • Spooler issues
  • Paper alignment problems
  • Printing quality is low
  • Getting gritty and coarse prints
  • Color printing does not take place
  • Two-sided printing does not take place

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A device driver is a software that facilitates communication between the operating system and the device. If a printer’s driver is malfunctioning, the printer either will not respond or will give you low-quality printouts. Outdated printer drivers can lead to spooler issues. All printers have a monthly recommended page volume. This information is usually available in the user manual, on the printer’s retail box or its online product page. If you consistently exceed this recommended volume on a printer, you’ll eventually encounter repeated jamming and paper pickup rollers will fail much quicker than they normally would. You might have encountered smudges, poor quality images while printing. This makes the best documents look sloppy and unprofessional. This happens when you overload the tray matches. These problems also occur when the user is not appropriately adjusted.

Factors that are responsible for low or faded prints:

  1. Low ink and toner levels
  2. Toner sticking to your fuser roller
  3. A low ink/toner density setting
  4. A problem in the transfer roller
  5. Your printer might be located in an area of low humidity

Don’t panic; let us resolve the issues for you. Once we amend the issues, your printer will function better than before.

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